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Annelise Osborne (Annelise)

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25+ years of Capital Market Experience, Digital Assets and DEFI, Fintech and Real estate

Annelise Osborne

Ms. Osborne is a finance executive with over 20+ years of experience in debt, commercial real estate, fintech, and blockchain.

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Annelise is a Managing Member, shareholder and leads the institutional relationship and community engagement relationship at GreatX. She is a board member at Great One Digital Holdings, the Parent company of GreatX.
She previously sat on the boards of the Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Regulatory Task Force; Komera; and the Young Real Estate Professionals. Women of Influence (Innovation) in 2021 award winner.
Annelise comes with over 20 years of experience in finance, credit, real estate, risk, structuring, governance, and digital assets. She previously worked in the digital asset space as COO of Propeller and spent 12 years at Moody’s Investor Service running commercial real estate teams within the structured finance group.

She was responsible for $400 billion of bond ratings. Her credit and risk experience spanned all property types including select-service hotels.

Previously she was Head of Strategy at Metechi, a commercial lenders marketplace powered by AI and machine learning. Annelise also worked with Jones Lang LaSalle in the UK and Eastern Europe. With respect to corporate governance, Annelise was nominated to the board of Bob Evans (BOBE) and received a recommendation from ISS. She was also nominated to the board of Ethan Allen (ETH).
Annelise is active in numerous industry organizations, corporate governance initiatives, and guest lectures at universities including Columbia, NYU, Baruch, William and Mary, and Fundan.
Annelise holds an MBA in Finance from Columbia Business School and a BA in Economics from The College of William and Mary.


Besides the leadership role at GreatX, Annelise Osborne has also been actively involved with various significant ventures.

Digital Asset Donation
RS Metrics
William & Mary charted 1693

Digital Asset Aspiration Fulfillment

Great Opportunity for Great People

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