How are GreatX tokens different from Asset-backed tokens?

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It feels like yesterday that digital currency and blockchain hit the market. Time flies fast, indeed. Investors loved this concept, and many others were on their way to leverage it. Today no industry is left untouched by the charm of the new-age currency, not even the real estate industry. This industry is leveraging the concept of digital currency and blockchain at the next level- in the form of asset-backed tokens.

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If you a seasoned investor, you’d know how far the real estate investment has come. But, if you are new to investing in asset-backed tokens, we have all the information you need to update yourself. This blog will help you bridge the gap between how it started and where it is now and introduce you to GreatX- a new-age real estate investment platform.

What are asset-backed tokens?

Asset-based tokens are a recent development in the financial transaction space. These tokens are a growing class of digital assets that have introduced the world to a secure and regulated digital ledger investment.
But how do asset-backed tokens work? We’re glad you asked!
An asset-backed token derives its value from something not there on the blockchain but is a virtual representation of a physical asset such as oil, gold, fine art, or real estate property. Assets like these are converted into digital assets on the blockchain to make it possible for investors to invest in and own a fraction of that asset. As the value of the asset increases in real-time, people owning a digital token for the same get a return on their investment. That is how asset-backed token investment work.
In real estate terms, physical assets are properties such as a hotel room, an apartment, or a land space. Real estate investors invest in asset-backed tokens to earn profit as the asset appreciates. Superficially, these look like any other form of investment, the only difference being it is digital. But if you dig deeper, you’ll understand that it has more to offer. Let’s look at the perks of investing in asset-backed tokens.

Why invest in asset-backed tokens?

Whether you are an investor, business owner, or a normal citizen, investing in asset-backed tokens is open to all and benefits everyone.
Real estate is one of the traditional asset classes people love to invest in, as it is synonymous with profit. But not everyone can take custody of one highly profitable property and afford it all alone. Digital tokens have allowed a larger pool of investors to invest in it and enjoy profits collectively. Investors from different parts of the world can invest in an esteemed property without needing to take full ownership of it. The ownership is distributed among the pool of investors. This offers a great opportunity to participate in wealth creation for both seasoned and nascent investors.
Furthermore, the concept of blockchain, on which real estate tokens are based, helps solve a major problem that persisted since the beginning. Earlier, investing in real estate assets involved a lot of paperwork and intermediaries, which resulted in confusion and chaos. But today, blockchain has digitized everything and introduced great security and trust. Blockchain has brought transparency to the whole real estate investment process, which means transactions are now verifiable and immutable.

What makes GreatX tokens different from asset-backed tokens?

Investing in asset-backed tokens is great. But still, many people think twice before investing in them. Due to limitations like regulatory issues and no immunity from risks or attacks, asset-backed tokens don’t make the cut despite the glory. The need is to design a legal framework, put international laws in place, and minimise risks to make investing in asset-backed tokens hassle-free.
GreatX has all that you’re missing in asset-backed tokens and more.

GreatX presents the first asset-backed tokens focused on savings. We offer hotel tokens as an institutional-grade investment opportunity backed by the U.S Treasury Bonds. This means the capital you have invested is under complete protection. The GreatX tokens enable the global investor community to own U.S.  real estate assets and register every transaction as “digital assets” without legal or fiduciary responsibilities. So, if you are planning to start investing in real estate, GreatX is the way forward as it offers you a secure way of investing.


This commentary is provided as general information only and is in no way intended as investment advice, investment research, a research report or a recommendation. Any decision to invest or take any other action with respect to the securities discussed in this commentary may involve risks not discussed herein and such decisions should not be based solely on the information contained in this document.

Statements in this communication may include forward-looking information and/or may be based on various assumptions. The forward-looking statements and other views or opinions expressed herein are made as of the date of this publication. Actual future results or occurrences may differ significantly from those anticipated and there is no guarantee that any particular outcome will come to pass. The statements made herein are subject to change at any time. GreatX disclaims any obligation to update or revise any statements or views expressed herein.

In considering any performance information included in this commentary, it should be noted that past performance is not a guarantee of future results and there can be no assurance that future results will be realized. Some or all of the information provided herein may be or be based on statements of opinion. In addition, certain information provided herein may be based on third-party sources, which information, although believed to be accurate, has not been independently verified. GreatX and/or certain of its affiliates and/or clients hold and may, in the future, hold a financial interest in securities that are the same as or substantially similar to the securities discussed in this commentary. No claims are made as to the profitability of such financial interests, now, in the past or in the future and GreatX and/or its clients may sell such financial interests at any time. The information provided herein is not intended to be, nor should it be construed as an offer to sell or a solicitation of any offer to buy any securities. This commentary has not been reviewed or approved by any regulatory authority and has been prepared without regard to the individual financial circumstances or objectives of persons who may receive it. The appropriateness of a particular investment or strategy will depend on an investor’s individual circumstances and objectives.

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Kong Posh Bhat is a seasoned technologist with 25 years of extensive experience in software engineering, systems engineering, offshore product development, and M&A. Kong Posh has 15 USPTO patents to his name, mainly in the areas of machine learning, pattern identification, software upgrade, remote device management, and media data delivery control.

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GreatX is a new-age wealth creation digital asset backed by the full faith and safety of U.S Treasury Bonds. These digital tokens are revolutionizing legacy products with modern instruments to open global avenues, especially for investors across the globe who are interested in investing in the U.S. GreatX enables global investors to own real estate in the U.S and earn guaranteed returns, assured security, and unmatched benefits. GreatX are smart securities democratizing wealth through decentralization and opening the gates of opportunity to a global audience.
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