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Dipika Patel (DEE)

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3rd Generation Hotelier, 15+ years of Hospitality, Real Estate & Capital Markets Experience

Dipika Patel

Dee has over 20+ years of experience in the hospitality industry and is a seasoned veteran in hotel operations and real estate across various states in the United States.

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Dipika Patel is a Managing Member and Chief of Investments, providing overall strategic guidance for the GreatX and overseeing the origination, structuring, and asset management of the company’s investments.
Dipika is a corporate professional turned entrepreneur known as Dee in the Hospitality circle. Prior to carrying the family mantle into the hospitality industry, she spent 14 years on Wall Street with leading banks and private equity firms; Citigroup, Merrill Lynch, and Bank of America.
She carries 20+ years’ experience in developing, managing, and transacting hotels in Select Service and Full-Service segments across various geographies in the US, she has also managed investment exposure in multi-family properties and real estate (Land) beyond hospitality across various states.

Dipika is the Chairwoman of the Patel Family Office, a responsible investment firm that manages family-owned sustainable businesses worth more than $3 Billion in National Housing, Hospitality, Healthcare, Energy Transition, Entrepreneurship, and Environmental science.

In the last 10 years in her personal capacity, she has developed 25+ hotels and transacted 50+ hotels. She has also created and owned the boutique hotel brand “Hayden” in NYC. She is multilingual and proficient in 5 languages with business experience in Asia, Europe, and North America.
Dipika holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Finance from the Business School of Manchester, UK, and an MBA in Business Management from NYU, New York. She is also Six Sigma blackbelt certified in process management from GE Jack Welch Academy.
GreatX is fully owned by the Patel Family Office.

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Besides the leadership role at GREATX, Dipika Patel has also been actively involved with various significant ventures.

Patel foundation
Digital Asset Donation
United America Healthcare
Patel family office

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Dipika Patel

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