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Director of Community Engagement

10+ years of Business Development Experience , Customer Experience Management

Dan Callister

Dan is a sales and Customer Relationship Management professional with 10+ years of experience in the technology and real estate domain.

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Dan leads the customer engagement at GreatX. As a director of customer engagement, he is responsible for building and managing communities and driving everything towards a community-centric organization.
In one of his past roles, Dan actively participated and helped a nonprofit organization, Do the Write Thing (DtWT) grow into a nationwide program with over 2.5 million student participants.
In his last assignment at Yelp, one of the largest sales-driven organizations, he was named to the President’s Club at Yelp for sales excellence. In another assignment, where the core goal is to scale with speed, he was named to Executive Summit as a nationwide top-10 producer and the highest performing first-year consultant at TriNet, assisting tech companies in the SaaS, AI, and Crypto spaces scale effectively.
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Lakshmi has actively participated in 150+ startups through funds as well as personally across various regions in India, Singapore, the Middle East, North America and Canada. 

Dan is a consulting leader and strategist. He has designed and delivered sales, and customer experience management seminars across the US to coach and improve productivity.
As a volunteer, he works with the DC-based non-profit named Do the Write Thing (DtWT), founded by his father in 1994, with the mission to help end youth violence by empowering the students impacted by it to act as catalysts for change in their communities.
Dan earned his degree in Linguistics from Brigham Young University and was pursuing a JD from George Washington University Law School before pivoting to a career in consulting.


Besides the leadership role at GREATX, Dan Callister has also been actively involved with various significant ventures.

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