Why should you invest in hotel rooms?

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The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted almost every industry in one way or another. However, the real estate sector, perhaps, has witnessed the greatest setback since the mortgage crisis of 2008. More specifically, the commercial real estate industry suffered greatly during the pandemic, with extensive lockdowns and stringent immigration policies. The tourism sector, the main driving force of the hotel industry, witnessed a massive setback, with several hotels closing down or reducing the size of their operations. However, many finance experts anticipate a recession, which will hurt even more.

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Surprisingly, the real estate industry is considered a recession-resistant investment opportunity. In fact, commercial real estate is a great hedge against potential recession. Thus, investing in commercial properties, especially hotels, would greatly diversify your portfolio. It is an excellent way to channel passive income against the economic downturn. Also, since countries across the globe have taken a positive approach towards immigration policies, like loosening the Covid-19 protocol and opening-up international borders, the tourism industry is likely to thrive in the near future. And inadvertently, the hotel sector.

Here are five reasons why you need to invest in hotel rooms

  1. Nightly Leases
    • One of the biggest advantages of investing in hotel rooms is they sell rooms by night. This means each night represents another opportunity to increase revenue. That said, one challenge persists: optimizing the net income from each additional room night sold. Sales and marketing make a hotel successful from a technical perspective. Advertising in the right places and selling to the right audience is straightforward. In order to build up a reliable revenue stream, it is more important to focus on intangibles, such as loyalty and property culture.
  2. High Risk-adjusted Return
    • Hotels do provide high yields as compared to other commercial properties, and thus, they are lucrative investment opportunities for seasoned investors. Across the Big Four CRE asset classes, hotels trade at higher cap rates than their counterparts. That said, managing hotel investments is a huge risk. A prudent investor understands risks and constantly seeks to protect the downside while optimizing the upside.
  3. Tax Benefits
    • Tax is a menace for investors; thus, they seek investment vehicles that offer benefits. Direct real estate ownership is one of the most tax-efficient investments. Depreciation, equity growth, and tax-free exchange are the three biggest benefits of real estate investment.
  4. Expense Structure
    • In the USALI (Uniform System of Accounts for the Lodging Industry) standard hotel financial statement, costs are categorized as Departmental, Undistributed, and Fixed. The departmental costs entail expenses associated with servicing rooms and offering food and drink services to visitors. The undistributed costs include management, maintenance, and sales-related expenses. Furthermore, fixed expenses occur whether the hotel is full or profitable. Some common examples of this category include property taxes, site fees, and energy bills.
    • A compelling reason to invest in hotel rooms is that hotel management can negotiate with providers to reduce operational costs while increasing revenues. With the increased revenue, the cost of maintaining the hotel does not go up drastically, which allows a healthy profit margin.
  5. Community Impact
    • Labor takes the lion’s share in running hotels. And to run it effectively, hotel owners require lots of workers, presumably staying in close proximity to the hotel. Moreover, hotels significantly impact creating a substantial job market and driving the local economy. In addition to providing social and business gathering space, full-service hotels provide the opportunity for guests to unwind and reconnect with their loved ones.
    • The most successful hotel brands have been able to create a community beyond the boundaries of their properties.

Final Thoughts

While investing in hotel rooms has pros and cons, hotel investment is undoubtedly one of the most lucrative investment opportunities. However, it is also true one should approach it smartly. The growing integration of technology across the real estate sector is also impacting the hotel industry. GreatX presents the first asset-backed tokens focused on savings. We offer hotel tokens as an institutional-grade investment opportunity backed by the U.S. Treasury Bonds. Global investors can now own U.S. real estate assets and register every transaction as a “digital asset” without legal or fiduciary obligations. If you are wondering to own a hotel room, GreatX is the place for you. 


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