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Better than Equities!

“The first key finding is that residential real estate, not equity, has been the best long-run investment over the course of modern history”

– Harvard Report

Ranked 2nd for global real estate market, accounting for 19% of the global real estate market Aspiring Asset Classes

Fortune Quartet

The most desirable asset classes of the USA


Own a Room

North America is the largest consumer market for luxury hotels with a market share of 32.05%.

The number of rooms available in U.S. hotels are over 5 million

Hotel Room Revenue to Reach: USD 197 Billion in 2023

Land Development

Own a Piece of Land

Historical average return for owning land in US has been in the range of 4%-10%

Land owned by Foreigners: 2.7%

Privately Owned Land: 60% – 1.4 billion Acres


Own a Flat

The US multifamily housing market is valued at USD 3.3 Tillion in 2021

New units expected to deliver (2022): 300,000

Of all the newly built rental properties from 2010-2019 the multifamily constituted for 33%

Expected investment in multifamily housing in 2022: USD 234 Billio

Student Housing

Own a Room or Bed

Number of student beds needed by 2031: 9.2 million beds

Current market size is estimated as USD 10 Billion

Average occupancy rate for Student Housing: 95%

Expected investment in student housing in 2022: USD 23 Billion

The extraordinary

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